The Manic Organic

To be completely honest, I’m not one of those people who fret over where my produce is from, how it is processed or the way it is handled. Ain’t nobody got time for that! After all, a potato is a potato, right?


Now, I’m not going to say that I’ve completely changed the way I look at food or that I only buy organic produce because that would be a complete lie. I enjoy (more than I would like to admit) the occasional Big Mac just as much as the next person. However, after becoming a mom, I have become a lot more aware of the products I buy and what all those words on the ingredient list that no one on earth can pronounce actually mean. In basic terms – if you have to wonder what it is, it is probably not good for you.


I was lucky enough to win a 12 litre pack of KOITA Organic Milk in a competition run by Mini Exchange recently. Not being the biggest fan of milk, I honestly thought that it would taste the same as “normal” milk so didn’t get too excited over it. After taking the first swig, I was surprised to find it much sweeter and creamier than my usual long life whole milk. With added Vitamin A and D3 and no artificial preservatives, I also knew that it was good and good for you.

Although I still wouldn’t gulp down an entire glass as it is, it does make a welcome addition to my morning coffee, cereal, or scrambled eggs. Not to mention the star in sauces and milkshakes. My next feat is to whip up a classic South African melktert (milk tart) which is already making my mouth water just thinking about its smooth, cinnamon-ly goodness.

To all those yoga pant wearing super moms who manage to keep their homes an organic only, healthy living enclosure, I see you. And yes, I envy you. Just not enough to give up my Big Mac.


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