What I hate about being a young mom

Young mamas will know the struggle of having to deal with the constant questions and remarks from other childless, know-better-than-you people. Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against women who choose (or don’t have a choice) to not have offspring in their early twenties or even at all. Rather, here is a compilation of ramblings that really grind my gears.

“Was he planned?” More like “was he planned?!” This one is a given if you happen to reproduce under the age of 25. There’s usually an underlying element of judgement that comes with this question. It made me feel uncomfortable at first but now I’ve learned to accept it -and to enjoy the eyebrow raising look on their face when you say “why yes actually, yes he was.”

“But you’re sooo young!” Well, luckily for me one can be young and mother a child (or two). I’m not sure if people think that your motherly instinct only shifts into gear after a certain age. If they do, they’ve got another thing coming. No amounts of parenting books, online courses or reruns of Oprah can prepare you for the “hood” life.

“But you had your whole life ahead of you.”  Uh, who said my life stopped when I had kids? Sure, my life changed once the sprogs arrived but being able to watch Disney films on repeat, ordering from the kids menu with no shame and being able to use them as a scapegoat when you’re still in your pajamas at 3pm and don’t want to leave the comfort of your home? I call that *winning*.

“What is your 5 year plan?” Well my 24 hour plan is to stay sane, keep the kids alive and perhaps tend to the house somewhat. I’ll keep you posted on the 5 year one.

“Don’t you miss life without kids?”  Heck yes! Who wouldn’t miss being able to take long, hot, uninterrupted bubble baths instead of 10 minute showers while being convinced that you hear a baby crying as soon as the water turns on? But having those little arms wrapped around your neck and hearing “I love you mommy” come from a tiny human that you made –

Not. A. Chance.



6 thoughts on “What I hate about being a young mom

  1. It is not a complement and not because im your husband but i truly love this article…. well done love


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