There are 3 types of moms

Mom 1:   5am gym, 7am school run, 9am coffee morning, 11am brunch date
Mom 2:  7.30am rush to school, 8.30am rush to work, survive the rest of the day
Mom 3:   8am WAKE UP WE’RE LATE

Mom 1:   dresses like Carrie Bradshaw
Mom 2:   yoga pants and T-shirt
Mom 3:   what doesn’t need ironing?

Child’s Age
Mom 1:   twenty-seven months old
Mom 2:  he’s 2
Mom 3:   hold on, let me think…

School Lunch
Mom 1:   makes Masterchef worthy bento box
Mom 2:   leftovers and bits from the pantry
Mom 3:   loose change for the tuck shop canteen

School Productions
Mom 1:   arrives ten minutes early, gets front row seats
Mom 2:   misses most of the show, shuffles in last 10 minutes
Mom 3:   forgets there is a show

Healthy Eating
Mom 1:   says keen-wah
Mom 2:   says kin-oh-wa
Mom 3:   says what is that?

Mom 1:   only ten minutes of educational screen time a day
Mom 2:   as much Barney as it takes to get a decent cup of coffee in
Mom 3:   can recite entire series script word for word

Mom 1:   strict sleep schedule, makes sure everyone gets at least 8 hours
Mom 2:   reads copious amounts of bedtime stories and eventually turns to bribery
Mom 3:   sleep? What sleep?

Mom 1:   summer vacation in the Maldives
Mom 2:   staycation in 4 star hotel
Mom 3:   pristine beach pictures on Pinterest board labelled “Dream Vac”

Mom 1:   thinking chair, 1 minute for every year of the child’s age
Mom 2:   happy face and sad face sticker chart
Mom 3:   no dessert for a month – OK, just one chocolate – OK, just two!


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