“What does newborn poop look like” and other Google searches

Motherhood comes with the wonderful excitement and fear of the unknown. Lucky for us, answers are now just a click away which previously would have had to wait for the next doctor’s visit (pssh, who needs them anyway..?).

To illustrate, I’ve compiled some of the Google gems that I remember searching for, not that the answers were always PhD worthy.

[ What to buy baby checklist ]

A new mom staple search. Here’s the thing; every list, like every mom or baby, is different. One may say that buying a bottle warmer is an apocalyptic must whilst another preaches cloth nappies. Give and take, there are essential items that are standard across the board but think twice before considering an ergonomically designed organic cotton burping bib as a new baby must have.

[ Five minute chocolate cake recipe ]

Ahhhh, the cravings. Say no more.

[ What does newborn poop look like ]

Make sure you’re not eating while typing this in. Expect the phrases “black, tar-like” and “seedy, mustard colour”. If you’re lucky, they will include gag reflex testing photographs. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

[ Low maintenance mom hairstyles ]

More like lower maintenance as I was never any good at being high maintenance before I had kids. There’s something about motherhood that makes you want to trade in your long, flowing tresses for a messy bun. Perhaps it’s the scientifically proven theory of less hair = less hair to wash puke out of.

[ How long can a baby cry for ]

Minutes seem like hours when your little one is in distress. If you have fed, changed and burped your bub, he’s in good health but he’s still cranky, it could just be overstimulation. There’s usually a witching hour around late afternoon when your baby is over tired (sometimes colicky) and just won’t settle. A trick I’ve learned is to put music on that you actually enjoy listening to (move over Twinkle Twinkle) and rock or dance with him. When you are relaxed, chances are that your baby will relax quicker. If all else fails, try popping them in a stroller and go for a walk, even if it’s just around the house. The motion will calm him whilst the change of scenery will calm you.

[  How to be the perfect mom  ]

Oh, how I wish there was a legit answer that comes up when typing this into Google but alas, motherhood is like a Pandora’s box that can only be experienced from experience.  Short answer – there’s no such thing. No amount of research can replace real mom’s intuition. Sometimes your gut instinct is far better off than what all the online articles suggest. Only you know your little one well enough to judge but don’t be afraid to ask for help from other moms who have been there, done that and got the milk-stained T-shirt.


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