Breast milk and DNA Jewelry: Gross or Gorgeous?

Yes, you read that right! A company called Sacred Legacy Arts based in the States and founded in 2014 by mom of two (and one on the way) Kelly, creates unique keepsake pieces that incorporate inclusions of your choice – breast milk, umbilical stump, locks of hair, ashes, fabric, flowers or even placenta!13775409_1791992894372297_2096903718778541801_nThere’s no doubt that the jewelry is aesthetically stunning but I will admit that at first, I was slightly weirded out by the whole idea. The more I read up on the story behind Sacred Legacy Arts and saw the different designs, colours and effects created by the inclusions, the more I was intrigued. The company also supports various local and international charities and small businesses with a focus on female empowerment. All the more reason to support a good cause!

I, for one, am eyeing out a breast milk bead for my Pandora bracelet (hooray for international shipping!) once Alex starts weaning in a few months. What are your thoughts on the concept?



See more from Sacred Legacy Arts on their website:


2 thoughts on “Breast milk and DNA Jewelry: Gross or Gorgeous?

  1. I wish it was around when my boys were young – such a beautiful idea. Very very personal and something close to the heart always.


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