Join me for this social media challenge!

In light of recent political events, I think it’s about time for a little reflection. Everything in my news feed has been so negative lately that I’m finding it hard to focus on anything else. Enter: the #iamgratefulfor 30 day positivity and gratitude challenge.

These so-called challenges have been floating around social platforms for years. The idea is to upload either a thought, quote or photo in line with a theme or concept for that day, everyday for a month. You can be as literal or as abstract as you wish – post whatever makes you happy! I battled to find a complete list that really spoke to me so I made my own by merging a few that were already online.

Here is my list that I will be following for 30 days:


This will be my first time doing anything like this so bear with me! I will be posting on my Facebook and Instagram pages. You can follow me here:


I now invite you to join me on this challenge! The best part is that you don’t have to wait for a certain date and can start anytime. There are no major rules (I don’t think) so if you miss a day here or there, just pick up where you left off the following day.

Give me a shout in the comments if you are going to do this challenge with me and don’t forget to hashtag #iamgratefulfor and the day you are on so I can follow your journey as well!


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