Dear Adam, on your 4th birthday

28 November 2016 – 4 years old

Favourite colour: Red

Favourite food: Chicken nuggets, mash, broccoli and soup

Favourite drink: Chocolate milk, apple juice

Favourite movie: Kung Fu Panda

Favourite cartoons: Paw Patrol, Power Rangers

Favourite activities: Riding bike, puzzles and playing outside

Favourite outings: Daddy’s work (the beach), Magic Planet

Dislikes: Ants, the dark

 * * *

My Doeks, 

Four years ago, you made me the happiest person alive by choosing me to be your mama. 

We are so proud of the active, adventurous and compassionate little boy that you are. You drive us completely nuts with your energy but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

You are the most amazingly patient and helpful big brother and Alex absolutely adores you. You have never been unkind to him or shown him anything other than unconditional love. I hope that your brotherly bond is one that will remain strong throughout your lives.

You, like your father, are becoming an expert at manipulating, negotiating and arguing your way around things. You make me want to shout and burst out laughing at the same time!

Thank you for teaching us to be patient, understanding and to not take ourselves too seriously. Never let the world dull your spark.

All our love – Daddy, Mommy and baby Alex



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