Why you should go to Dubai Garden Glow

For something a little different in Dubai (that doesn’t involve a mall – hooray!) Dubai Garden Glow makes for a unique and interesting family outing.

Located in Zabeel Park (gates 6 and 7) and running until 30 April 2017, Dubai Garden Glow consists of two concepts in one – a dinosaur park and a glow park. There are also food and retail stalls within the facility as well as an activity area for children and adults alike to play and explore.


Of course, the boys had to dress accordingly!
We first visited the Dinosaur park where we were greeted by super realistic models of these mighty extinct reptiles. It almost felt as if we stepped back in time as your surroundings transport you to a different world. It is easy to forget where you are – or which Century it is – for a second! The pathway through the park follows the timeline of the period in which certain species of dinosaurs were found to be living in. Right at the end, there is also a scene of a glowing meteor which is meant to replicate the one that caused the extinction, along with blood covered dinosaurs that have met their fate (in the distance so not too gory).
Most of the models have animated movements and their roars can be heard through the sound system throughout the open air park. Although it can be slightly frightening for younger children, there is always the other attractions to keep even the youngest little ones entertained.
Next we entered the Glow garden which lit up the entire surroundings in every colour of the rainbow like a dream! There are also different themes throughout, such as the animal kingdom, flowers, windmills, heart tunnel and my personal favourite, the jellyfish pond which showcases giant colour-changing jellyfish situated within the waters of the park’s pond. The music and ambiance takes you on a surreal dive into the depths of the ocean floor.
A few tips when visiting the park: I strongly suggest you go in the evening after sunset to fully appreciate the beauty of it all, remember to bring a camera as there are plenty of brilliant photo opportunities and be sure to wear comfortable shoes as it is a pretty far way to stroll around the entire park.
For more details and ticket prices visit their website: www.dubaigardenglow.com

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