WIN a Dusyma product worth AED450!

Since 1925, Dusyma has been investing all their pedagogical knowledge, their experience and their methodological and didactic knowledge with great passion and with a lot of love in the production and distribution of pedagogical toys and high quality furniture. In addition to the high educational and learning value of their products,  Dusyma is characterized by … Continue reading WIN a Dusyma product worth AED450!


8 ‘not-proud-of-it’ things every mom has done

Ah, the life of a magazine cover mom with her perfectly coiffed hair and manicured nails holding a jolly, laughing baby in her arms. How I wish that were my reality. Most of my MOMents consists of wiping other people's butts. Not very coiffed. If you're a mom too, there's about a 100% chance that … Continue reading 8 ‘not-proud-of-it’ things every mom has done

Dear Adam, on your 4th birthday

28 November 2016 - 4 years old Favourite colour: Red Favourite food: Chicken nuggets, mash, broccoli and soup Favourite drink: Chocolate milk, apple juice Favourite movie: Kung Fu Panda Favourite cartoons: Paw Patrol, Power Rangers Favourite activities: Riding bike, puzzles and playing outside Favourite outings: Daddy's work (the beach), Magic Planet Dislikes: Ants, the dark … Continue reading Dear Adam, on your 4th birthday